The Goddess Is AliveWhy Goddess.Today?

The world of business and technology leaves women reaching for support in many ways, and I’ve been blessed with the ability to inhabit a spiritual world and carry forth Isis of 10,000 Names while having a technology professional community around me.

Lady Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis, calls Isis Goddess of the New Aeon.  She has remained veiled for centuries, as Artemis, Mary and many others, all while Her story has remained told and retold for thousands of years, changing, evolving, yet containing so many of the same components.  She is the Divine Feminine, and Her 10,000 names tell the many facets Her being represents.  Whenever She is honored, and however She is included in our lives, She is all encompassing, and all inclusive.

You may find Her as part of your existing spiritual tradition, where She can co-exist; you may find Her on Her own, embracing your heart in totality with Her love; or you may find Her having never before adopted any spiritual tradition.  You may even be called by Her to serve in Her honor, as I have – She chooses Her Priestesses with wisdom, alacrity, and urgency.

The Goddess is here, now, today, alive, and it is possible to attune yourself to Her for your own life, towards making this world enduringly beneficial to all who inhabit it, and to hold it with great compassion and love.  This Web site is a start – a place where I can hopefully give voice to my desire to bring liturgical, mystical, and spiritual principles that I’ve learned (and continue to learn) to bear on the everyday lives and experiences of women, especially those working in the often brutal world of technology and technology services.

Me, on many days of the year.
Me, on many days of the year. I co-own a consulting business, I’m involved in advancing women in technology, and I try to live by the Laws and Ideals of Ma’at in every moment.

About Me

I’ve been a searching Pagan for 25 or more years of my life, leaving behind in my late teens a Catholic upbringing that never spoke to me.  Finding myself in a world of gods and Covens, I sought out those that felt like home, along the way uncovering some of my personal psychic and energetic gifts.

In 2014, I was called to the service of Goddess Isis.  It’s almost impossible to describe this experience, but suffice to say that falling to my knees in joy, fear, and illumination was very real.  It began my association with the Temple of Isis in Geyserville, CA, and the incredible community of people who love and support it.

In October 2015, I was ordained a Priestess of Isis, Sekhmet, and Nut.  Three powerful and wise Goddesses who have given me immeasurable love, guidance, and inspiration.  I was also fortunate to have one of the most patient and knowledgeable sponsors throughout my journey to becoming ordained.  Much like being called, being ordained had another profound effect on my perception and understanding of this world.  I added Isadore to my name so that, depending on whose translation you believe, Tracy Isadore would forever mean Bold/Brave Gift/Herald of the Goddess Isis.

Temple of Isis, Geyserville, CA - October 2015
Temple of Isis, Geyserville, CA – October 2015

Along the way to becoming ordained, I’d been telling friends, colleagues and family about my studies.  I was pleasantly surprised at the reception my pursuit of ordainment received in my professional world.  And, while doing so, I was also in the midst of also co-founding a consulting firm, BrightStep Partners.  In retrospect, I don’t recommend engaging in these two activities simultaneously in the same year.

Both my sponsor for ordainment, and a very dear friend who is also a Priestess of Isis, had told me to take time and integrate after I became a full Priestess.  I was blessed to have almost two weeks off from my work to simply be still.

And I realized, I had no idea what to do with the gift I’d been given, nor how to best serve the Goddess with it.

In a strange turn of events, shortly after my ordainment I was in Seattle on a business trip, during which almost 60 of us were coming together for two days as developers, coders, system administrators, consultants, and others to work on a community project.  One of my colleagues, and an organizer for the event, asked me if it would be OK if he introduced me as a Priestess of Isis, and if I would give my blessing, Her blessing, to the assembled at the start of the event.  I agreed, and upon giving it, I realized my next step: I needed to bring the Goddess to the everyday world that I inhabited – fully, without reservation, and with as much love and concern as She gives me every day.  I can no more hide my devotion to the Goddess in my everyday world as I can my consulting business from the Goddess Herself.  These are not two worlds, they are one in the same.  The full, unified Self.

I will not make grand statements about what I have accomplished, nor what I intend to accomplish.  I will simply state that there is only the path, and pray that I stay on it wherever it may lead.  My life, from this point forward, is truly a gift of Isis.

Rev. Tracy Isadore Kronzak